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Friday, 28 May 2010

Portable Falco Image Studio v5.5

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Allows professional and graphic artists alike to create and edit images. Falco Image Studio is a graphics tool to create, edit and export images. You will be able to create professional looking pictures with great ease.
· Loading from BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, PSD(Photoshop), TIFF, TARGA files.
· Saving in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TARGA formats.
· Unlimited UNDO/REDO.
· Copy/Paste in Multiple Windows.
· Paste from other Image Editors, such as MS Paint, etc.
· Pencil, Line, Text, Spray, Rectangle, Ellipse, Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse,
· Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Ellipse
· Selection Tool, Hue Selection Tool, Blur.
· Effects: Rotates, Flips, Shifts, Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur,
· GrayScale, HLS Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Contour, Contrast Filter, High Contrast






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