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Monday, 2 August 2010

How to add Orkut Profile Song

03:13 Posted by vijay pasham 4 comments

After the introduction of new Orkut, many people are pondering about how to put songs in their Orkut profile or how to get Orkut profile song. People have been asking about it from their friends and in many communities. This post is for them. This tutorial explains all the steps from beginning till end. Read full tutorial and follow each step properly. I have also included troubleshooting section in the end. No need of worrying. Its an quite easy process until and unless you have patience. The major plus point is that no music player will be visible in you profile, thus serving as the background music ! :D The tutorial seems long but the process is very easy. I have explained each and every step in depth so the tutorial size increased. If you get stuck anywhere, check the bottom of the post for the Troubleshooting section.

Now, starting over the topic you will basically need the song in .swf format. You can search about it in the Search Engines or I have provided the tutorial which you can use to get use to convert your desired song to .swf format.
Step 1. Preparing the .swf format of the song. (skip to Step 2 if you have the link to the song in .swf format)
a. You will need a swf converter to convert the mp3 or any other supported file format of your song into .swf file format. You can either click here to download the software or search for another converter in Google using seach terms “mp3 to swf converter”.

b. Now, we have the converter so we can move ahead and convert the song to .swf format. Try keeping low bitrate for easy streaming of the song. Just open the song in the converter and convert it to .swf format.
c. You can’t store this .swf file on Orkut’s server. You need to put it somewhere else on the web. So, for doing this you have to upload the file to any free webhosting service. You can create a free account on 110mb.com or fileden.com or webs.com for hosting your song. You can use OUGfiles.com Just register there and then upload the .swf format of the song which you have just now made.
Now, copy the link of the .swf song and paste it somewhere maybe in notepad beacause you will need it very shortly.
Step 2. Embedding (attaching) the song in you Orkut profile.
I assume that you already have the new Orkut activated in your Orkut account. If you don’t have it activated, follow this tutorial on How to get new Orkut activated.
a. You will have to make the html code to preview the song in Orkut, for this just edit the following code:
.Your link here” height =”1? width=”1?>.
Put the link which you made in step 1. c. in place of Your link here inside the double quotes. Now copy the whole code.
Update: Put one dot (.) after and before the code. What happens is that the .swf player gets in between the two dots. Now even if the dot for the .swf doesn’t appears, it won’t matter as we have two dots already on its two sides. ;)
b. Goto the old version of Orkut and open you Scrapbook.
c. Copy and Paste the HTML code you made in step A and click on preview. Your song must have started playing there itself.
d. Now, select the two dots which will appear and press Ctrl + C to copy it.
e. Now open Orkut in a new tab. Switch to new version. Click on Profile in new Orkut Homepage. Now, click on edit beside About me section. A blank area will open (or with something already there if you have already edited your About me section). Right click in new area and paste. Now click on save and you are done !

Now, open your profile and enjoy the song being played !

If you get stuck at any step, read below for solution.
Problem: I have not been able to upload the .swf file.
Solution: Uploading means sending data (here, the .swf file) to a remote server. You have to create an account at 110mb.com, goto file manager and click on upload, then browse for the file and click on Upload. It will take time depending on yourInternet connection. Now right click on the file and select “Copy link location”.
Problem: I am not able to copy and paste the preview of the HTML code.
Solution: Just select the area highlighted above in the image. We have put the height and width as 1 just to make it invisible in the Orkut profile. Increase it in the HTML source code for ease of copying.
Now, you must have succeeded in putting an invisible song in your Orkut profile which autoplays when somebody visits your profile.
If you face any kind of problem, post it here down in comments section and I will reply to your question shortly. Don’t forget to check back here for the reply ;)


  1. Ya, well said i agree with the process ......BUT,
    I had done all the process, When i paste the HTML code in the old orkut scrap book and pressed preview i did not heard any song...i had uploaded SWF file of song with 320kbps bit rate and 44100 sample frequency.. is that the problem i did not get?....if it is what is the maximum bit rate which i can heard the song in my orkut profile plsssssss help me so i can make my orkut amazing..plssssssssss

  2. yeah Its true you'll not hear any song but u will be preview 2 dots right copy that and paste in about me of new orkut that's it now u can listen to the song.

  3. Kindly Update:Step 2. Embedding (attaching) the song in you Orkut profile.

    There nothing to appear which we need to edit.

    so i hope you can update that soon

    Best wishes 4 ur blog

  4. Ya, well said i agree with the process ......BUT,
    I had done all the process, When i paste the HTML code in the old orkut scrap book and pressed preview i did not heard any song...i had uploaded SWF file of song width is115 and height is 35 and u can say me the problem i occur and how i can hear the songs pls reply in my id kamal00091@gmail.com