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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Use gmail virtual drive to increase your hard disk space

01:57 Posted by vijay pasham , , , , , 4 comments
Running out of space!! Then install a simple gmail virtual drive extension, You will be getting 10GB of virtual space. It will help you to keep your data safe in internet.You will not lose any data, you can use this virtual drive any time,anywhere and in anyone's computer.

Now follow these steps:

 1. First of all you have to download gmail drive. So click here to download it now.

2. Now extract the file and setup into your computer to install it.

3. After installing gmail drive open your my computer. Now you can see gmail drive. Now log in    with your gmail user name and password. You can use up to 10GB.

4. Now you can use this virtual drive normally. You can create new folder, upload movies, pictures and lots more.

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  1. oh its super bro can u list some more well efficient softwares which will be very much useful n also i need a idm full version

  2. Sure aditya :) will post soon...

  3. So as u said we can access this drive from Other Computer Too.So can u plz explain me how ?


  4. Yes if u want to use it on other computer u need to again download and install Gmail virtual drive and login but im nt sure u can access ur files which u saved.