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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Owaisi is not a Muslim hero

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The whole Muslim world will be criticized because of this culprit. I wish someone could end this. All we care is the respect and care for each other in the society and religion is a discipline that humans follow to form a good society and survival of humanity.

People like him are making use of religion as a weapon to turn humans against each other. I believe people like him are not fit to be a leader, not fit to be an Indian and never the less not fit to be part of humanity. I support those Muslim, who believe in our nation, who can solve problems of our Muslim friends, who respects other religions and who loves their friends, traditions and society equally. Nation and humanity is our priority. Our country has many Muslim presidents and also a women president and there matter of fact our nation never discriminated its citizens. The people of the country are in trouble and its not because they belong to Hindu or Muslim or Christian but its because these people who turn people against each other in the name of religion for the sake of their survival. I hate people from all the community who disagree with other communities.

Please remember friends, your nation, language, traditions will always support for your good and if you feel its not the case than there you are not in the good path of life and you have chosen you own path for your own good. People who blame the country for their own good are not matured enough to understand the basic definition of nation, language and religion.

Watch this full hatred Speech of this goon

Akbaruddin Owaisi insulting Hindu God and Godess.

This video is not in Pakistan but in India.

We INDIANS hate any hate speeches against any religion.

What Muslims say about this hatred speech of Owaisi.

"Mr AU Owaisi , you are the worst enemy of Indian Muslims.your poisonous words and evil thoughts don't represent the Muslims of India"-@Javedakhtarjadu

 "Govt should take action against Owaisi with out any delay and establish that our nation will not tolerate hate speeches from any one" -@Javedakhtarjadu

"I strongly condemn Owaisi's shocking comments against Hindus.He is not the representative of sane Muslims. His utterances harm the community"-@AzmiShabana 

 "It was clearly a hate and rash speech in which words were used which should never be uttered by a responsible person let alone a political leader. It was a Muslim version of Togadia and Adityanath speeches."-Zafarul Islam Khan

 "It is routine politics in Andhra Pradesh and there is nothing new in it. It was not the speech of Akbar Owaisi but only the repetition of the words spoken by Ram Jethmalani. It was a political speech, and it should be seen in the scenario of changing political situation of Andhra Pradesh. From decades these kinds of speeches are heard from both the sides and this trend was started by the VHP and RSS families." -Latheef Mohammad Khan.

"Owaisi is not a Muslim hero, says Maulana Abbas  "


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