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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Journey to Devils Circuit

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Last Sunday(14.12.2014) i ran my first ever obstacle race:  , its was a 5kms race with 15 obstacles. About 1000 crazy ppl participated in this event and the winner finished race in just 27mins and i finished in 43mins(I was enjoying :D).

Few months back running was once/twice in a month routine, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon changed my view towards running(some ppl there inspired me) and that day itself i set my goal to run HM by next year(2015), post august i ran almost every event that happened in Hyderabad.

Some programs like 'Takeshi's Castle' filled that desire to be part of such fun :), i always wished such events were there in our country,When I first heard about DC, my reaction was "Wow" this is the sport i dreamt about, without any 2nd thoughts registered for event and waited for the big day.

Race day arrived!!! Me with my friends went to venue collected our timing chips, bib nos, T-shirt and we were all set.
Event flagged off and it was most thrilling experience for life, I only wanted to finish all obstacles at first attempt and without cheating,.. I did it.

I have learnt many lessons all the way :)

And i lived up to their tagline "I beat the devil" and "Devilslayer"
Thanks to Devils circuit team, see you next year again……..!!!

Some pics
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